Saturday, September 9, 2023


 fairy circles are circular patches of barren land,2 to 15 meters in diameer,often surrounded by a circle of grass.

legend says that these fairy circles are the footprints of the gods,but others believe they are landing sites for UFOs .due to the mysterious appearance of the circles in the namib deser named fairu circles. 

the ghost town of kolmanshop,which had its heyday in the 1900s thanks to diamond mining.lost in the deadvlei valley,with hundreds of dead trees with bare branches.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

zambia southern africa

 zambia is small country located in southern africa.although not yet economically developed natural wonders.

livingstone is one of the most famous and beautiful tourist destinations in zambia.enjoy stunning views such as taking a cruise on the zambezi river and enjoying delicious food on board.hiking to gwembe reptile zoo discover the life of reptiles such as snakes,crocodiles riding elephants to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere ,kayaking.livingstone museum is the country's largest and oldest museum,standing tall at the border of zambia and zimbabwe,victoria is recognised as the world's most majestic and spectacular waterfalls.kariba lake is the largest man made lake in the world with a unique landscape and owns many animals that come from the kariba damfor those who have a deep passion for historical culture ,this ancient house will not be a more perfect choice,shiwa ngandu,in 1911 owned by a young british colonial officer named stewart gore browne.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

comoros islands

 the comoros islands are archipelagos located on the african continent volcanic islands they land on geographically northwest of mozambique and north of madagascar,and southeast of the black continent ,residents living here speak languages such as arabic and french .we can eat native fruits banana and coconut

comoros islands it is called the island of essence because it is here that produces worldwide perfumes .there is a large production of exotic flowers and plants that have a distinctive and wonderful smell.its most prominent essences are ylang ylang ,cananga odorata or flor de flores ,many locals tend to paint thier faces with natural products made from sandalwood and coral.

chindini is located at the southernmost tip of grande comore island it is a favorite weekend destination for islanders because of its warm climate and calm seas year round ,there are several schools of dolphins,whales follow the migratory fish that frequent the shores of chindini.

Friday, August 18, 2023

ecudor south america


ecuador is one of the most fascinating counties in south america.bordered by colombia,peru and pacific island of the galapagos andres ,quito ecuador  capital is brimming with colonial architecture and is the largest historical center is south america calderon park in the heart of the old town plaza san blas,dominated by the church of san blas and plaza de san francisco with merchants selling textiles and other goods .

beautiful nariz del diablo devils nose you are a train enthusiast.the tradition of burning monigotes on new year's eve then jumping over the bonfires of ecuador ,carnaval water spray game .

quito the capital of ecuador is located at an altitude of 2,800 m above sea level .prostitution is legal and regulated in ecuador in major cities such as cuenca and the capital quito,which have their own red light districts and it is easy to see sex workers practicing when nightfall.

the name ecuador comes from the word equator because the country has the equator running across it,one of the things tourist often do is head to mitad del mundo and set foot on either side of the yellow line that separates the two halves of the world.

deep fried guinea pigs  cuy are a crumptious dish often served with potatoes and corn ,local people use it as a weddding gift especially in the countryside .traditional treatment ecuadorians believe it can purify the soul this method applies to both adults and children .hit with nettle.

Friday, August 11, 2023

haiti place to go

 haiti is an island nation known as the parasise of the caribbean,you can try to experience the form of tap tap car a kind of small bus .these buses will take you to explore most of the routes and nooks and crannies here .you can also travel by taxi ,but you need to pay the price before going and absolutely do not get in the car if you do not agree with the price,in addition you can also travel by ferry or rent a car to explore.

labadie or amiga are unspoiled islands possessing beautiful natural scenery,with cool blue beaches and extremely rich marine species.

musee de guahaba ,fort citadelle laferrieregulf of acul,located in western haiti ,known as a resort ,

barbancourt rum distillery rum is a famous drink .la visite voodoo religion here voodoo worship worshiping god .

plaine du cul de sac is a beautiful land located between the border of haiti and dominica,here you will see many unique animals such as flamingos herons .

pikliz a unique dish combining pork and plantain bananas or attractive barbancourt rum made from sugar cane and molasses.

Friday, August 4, 2023


 money in somaliland is not so valuable that people have to sell it to tourists to accumulate more foreign currency.located in the north of africa somaliland is a country that has no name on the world map.despite declaring independence in 1991,it is still considered an autonomous region of somalia.for just a 9 dollar bill ,visitors will receive 49 kg of banknotes in return.somalia is home to the largest coastline in africa,good hotels and cheap food and beautiful almadow mountain somalia is one of the most dangerous places on earth.civil wars and wars between warlords seeking to control the drug and arms trade have made somalia worse than ever.anyway still have nice beach and place to see like laas geel geomorphology shanghai old city,bakara market ,saryan museum .,liido beach ,union mosque ,jazeera beach ,mogadishu cathedral,livestock market,central market,the tomb of the unknown soldier mogadishu ,mig jet,govornors house mogadishu ..

Friday, July 28, 2023

cook island story


the 15 islands that make up the cook islands popularlyknown as the cooks here each is its own edition of this tropical paradise,the polynesians wre the first tropical paradise the polynesians wre the first discovered this island in 1770.this archipelago ,first discovered this island in 1770.this archipelago ,first occupied by the british then new zealanders ,then the cook islands residents used votes to become indeendnt since 1965.

covering an entire coastal region the size of western europe ,the archipelago is a combination of tradition and a meeting place for modern times ,rarotonga .the largest island here is a mixture of rocky outcrops plus unspoiled forest and long wide stretch of white sand that makes it the perfect base for first timers aitutaki the second most visited island right here is one of the largest coral reefs in the world ,the perfect place for snorkeling and diving water ,the rock caves of atiu the coffee and beer growing gardens will take you on a pivotal journey of polynesian culture.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

crystal cave bermuda

the southern beaches have the darkest pink sand in bermuda.the most impressive pink sand beach bermuda has is horseshoe bay beach but its not only pink sand in bermuda on the burmuda 's south coast is the stunning and pretty amazing bay with curved shape the bay draws you to its idyllic with clear blue water .

warwick long bay is bermuda's longestbeach at half a mile with trees ,long grass and sand dunes along the coast ,this is one of bermuda 's most beautiful beaches 

flatts village is the cutest sleepy little village between halmiton and st george .flatts village has a picturesque setting of palm trees pastel houses and fishing boats that make it perfect postcard of bermuda tourism

the crystal caves in bermuda formed 6 million years ago and it is one of the most famous attractions of bermuda open since 1909 .on the illuminated guided tour you will descend 130 feet into the limestone cave .with has an underground lake and curtains of beautiful stalagmites and stalactitles begging be immortalized there are two caves ,the crystal cave and the illusion in bermuda.

warwick long 

Saturday, July 1, 2023

tuvalu country


tuvalu is one of the smallest and most isolated countries in the world .also known as the ellice is an island nation in the south pacific ocean ,located between hawaii and australia ,with a total land area of 26 square kilometers ,the island nation's population is only about 11,000 people,most of whom live in the main island or the capital funafuti.there is only one airport on the island with 2 flights per week,from here visitors will visit 2 flights per week,from here visitors will visit other islands by ferry.

to protect the islands from tides ,floods and land degradation,tuvalu has expanded a protect to plant mangroves on the outer islands .forests also provide raw materials for handicrafts and fishing .

in the capital funafuti ,there is a main road extending from north to south ,and its takes about 15 minutes to go all the way .on narrow can see the sea on both sides .peopels main means of transport is motorbikes and in the afternoons ,the road gradually becomes crowded and cramped.

most people in tuvalu are farmers .they often gather in vilages of a few hundred people tending the gardens and fishing by hand .

the united natuions development program classifies tuvalu as a resource poor country particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change .life on the island is very harsh because there are no rivers or streams.rainwater and boreholes are sources of fresh water.the soil is porous and mangroves,so agriculture does not develop,instead,people grow coconuts bananas and taro.

tuvalu's main source of incoe comes from foreign aid,in addtion to stamp production,tolls for foreign fishing vessels.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

florida usa


Spruce Creek is a place in volusia country Florida United States, where you can see aircraft on the road almost rich peoples here to use it for weekend coffee to another suburb.

When ythis residential area is surrounded by the airport runway.most houses in town have their own hangar with the main runway with GPS guidance.

The more to see in price Creek is :

§§Home water club 

5531 River drive P. O BOX  88

Pruce Creek PA 16683

§§ port Orange connection. Com

1795 Taylor Rd Port Orange FL32128  eco tourism camping, boat a lot of more there waiting you discovery.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Hunza valley pakistan

Hunza valley in northern pakistan have been living in the shadows of the mighty karakoram mountains .there are two main ethnic groups and languages that make up hunza valley that KARIMABAD and WAHKI only 30kilometers separate these two areas also they speak different languages.there is definitely some cultural overlap between the two groups in term of lifestyle and religion but they speak together in URDU the national language of pakistan ,some other langues chinese ,french 

hunza region have some of thehigest life expectancy rates in probably has a lot to do with it.the most of food in hunza was locally produce with organically grown without the use of toxic chemicals.

the long life of hunza residents is more impressive throw in the fresh mountian air and water they do excersice and yoya or walk in the mountain work hard keep things simple that why they have a long life in the world around 80 years most of residents find down more why not take a trip there to advanture your life.joyful.

Friday, October 28, 2022

Hong Kong

Hong kong is region of the people's repblic of china on the eastern pearl river delta in southern china .Hong kong is also a major global financial centre and one of the most developed cities in the world 

behind the brilliant neon lights of hong kong is the obsession of living in the coffin house of the several square meters of workers.they hope will have better place to stay than what they have now but not easy .

dont worries hong kong still have a lot of things to do like CENTRAL STAR victoria habour  , here is very green and tropical with abundant wildlife,wonderful beaches nearby and ideal walking paths.

Lantou is the largest island among them ,this is also where the airport was built.lantou many hidden natural and beauties fishing village of tai o in the west where houses are built on wooden poles right in the middle of the island 

on the water and delicious street snacks created by locals such as grilled oysters and husband cake a savory scone filled with red bean,peanuts and sesame seeds 

popular attractions like THIEN DAN buddha and BAO LIEN zen monastry might give you a different experience.

the NGANG binh 360 cable car to the top of the hill,you can choose to hike the lan dau trail that starts at mai oa ferry terminal and offers great views of the sea and mountains along the way.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Peru lima

Republic of peru is a country in western south america ,its bordered in the north by ecuador and colombia ,in the east by brazil and the south by bolivia and chile .in the south and west by the pacific ocean .

lima is home to the least rainfall of all the cities in the world .Rainfall here is only about 10 to 15 mm per year its has the title of the city without rain .

all year around in lima there is no lightning ,no ice ,snow or violent storms,this  has been going on for the past many hundreds years .

visitors do not see sewers appeearing on the street,the house doesnt even have a roof 
this place has not happened to rain due to its geographical position .the city is mainly located on the eastern slopes of the andes the highest mountain in south america 

here the air flow sinks the wind direction parallel to the sea level,coastal air in contact with the cold water is blocked by cold air in contact with cold water is blocked by cold air so it cannot condence into cumulus clouds therefore,it cannot cause rain.water vapor can only from fog .the rain also very unique its not fall in drops .in torrents but just a large amount of fog that covered the city.setting on the wet ground.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Laos patouxay memorial

Laos people's Democractic repuplic country in the southeast asia at the heart of the indochinese peninsula ,laos is the bordered by myanmar and china to the northwest vietnam to the east,cambodia to the southest and thailand to the west and southwest the capital is VIENTIANE

the geologically diverse landscape of laos with its forested mountains ,upland plateaus and lowland plains ,supports and equally diverse popuation that is united largely through agriculture,particularly the cultivation of rice,

NAM NGUM lake with beautiful unspoiled beauty in laos country land of million elephants which is known as the beach of laos. namgum is located in KEO OUDOM district vientiane province its the biggest lake in laos with beautiful scenery its suitable for relaxing travelling by boat and enjoy food.

PATOUXAY the memorial monument,patouxay the mostprominent landmark in the city its situated on lanexang avenue though inspired by the arc de triomphe in paris the disign futher incorporates quintessential lao motifis including kinnaly a mythical bird woman,energetic visitors can climb to the top of the momument which excellent panoramic view of the city.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022


THe state of kuwait is a country in western asia its situated in the norhern edge of eastern arabia at the tip of the persian gulf ,bordering iraq to the north and saudi arabia to the south.
kuwait's economy is a small but extremely wealthy economy based on the country's abundant oil reserves the kuwaiti dinar is the most valuable currency in the world .the country non oil and gas industries include the financial services industry,acccording to the world by per capita income kuwait is the second richeast gulf country by GDP per capita after QATAR 

GRAND MOSQUE SULTAN QABOOS is the main mosque in the sultanate of oman its located in the capital city muscat .

AL NAKHAL FORT is a large fort in the Al batinah region of oman ,this fort is located in nakhai a palm oasis about 120km from muscat and is one of the most famous forts to visit.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Australian wildlife

1/jervis bay new south wales have seals,dive ,snorkel ,marine park,underwater 
2/ pebbly beach new south wales is home to kangaroos and lorikeets 
3/wilsons promontory national park victoria walk with the wombats walk with the wombats 
4/phillip island victoria penguins returning home to phillip island
more all about these will coming up for next blog thank you for reading.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

viet nam beautiful appartment

vinhomes central park at 208 nguyen huu canh street ,wards 22 binh thanh district and orther district have some same company appartment its really very good for some foreigner want to have a good and easy life joyful and building life in vietnam if you can findout partner to spend with its easier for you stay .you can serach the google about vinhome you may like and good luck.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

fort bragg california usa

FORT BRAGG is beautiful california highway 1 glass beach is the result of decades1906 to 1967 peoples dumped all kinds of garbage into the ocean throwing it over the cliffs .eventually this trash begins to wash ashore in the form of fine pieces of glass if you lucky you can find a sapphire gem from an apothecary bottle or red ruby from a cars taillights .

pudding creek tresle in fort bragg is a little over 500 feet long was built in the early 1900s when the route was used for transporting lumber very cool to walk over the historic old bridge.

noyo harbor you can find the seafood along and excellent views plus the apportunity to snap photos of sea birds and perhaps a sea lion 

stunk railroad in fort bragg the pudding cress express is a 90 minute round trip train you can bring picnic or enjoy beutiful bird wildlifeits a fabulous way to enjoy the redwoods also 
bryce canyon national park its spectacular rock formations to admire the dramatic landscape you can stand at sunset point one of famous spots that offers panoramic views of red yellow and orange stone pillars.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Sahara Morocco

morocco mountainous country of western north africa that across the strait of gibraltar from spain.
morocco is largest city and major atlantic ocean port is casablanca an industrial and commercial centre 

camel caravan in the sahara to the south the atlantic ocean is the north if you go to the sahara desert in the winter more than quiet in the spring and autumn from june to september can be unbearably hot with july to august daytime highs oftencrossing 50 celcious.

thuja tree in morocco for interior decoration of cars ,this rare grows only in the foothills of the atlas mountains of morocco.

me'choui is also one of famous morroccan delicacies that fascinates many diners mechoui is actually grilled lamb skewers they often combine with some kind of salad

Friday, October 15, 2021


traveling to austria you will be surprised to know the following things that are quiite special in autrian culture besides the ancient and magnificent beauty of the capital vienna the majestic snowy mountains of Apls ,the lakeside town the most beautiful hallstatt in the world

the hills in the town of salzburg to taste the magic of the sound of music ,the 1969 hollywood blockbuster set and filmed in the area
the infamous habsburg dynasty was  one of the most powerful empires in europe,ruling from the 13th century until 1918.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Bahamas caribbean


The bahams officially the federation of the bahamas is state of the lucayan archipelago consisting of more than 700 islands ,dunes and islets in theatlantic ocean northern cuba and hispaniola northwest of the turks and cairos islands southest of the state of florida
caribbean paradise visit pink sand beaches enjoy famous conch specailties and watch pigs swim ,bahams cultural is mixture of african ,british and american ,they speaking english and bahamian dialects
 the bahams has a tumultous history that has left behind powerful stories and dramatic landmarks scattered across the isllands and bays ,you should also spend some time exploring and find some hiden treasures behind famous landmarks fort charlotte ,queen's stairs.bahams is tropical island easier for visit and discovery.

Saturday, August 7, 2021



surely you have heard about the mysterious greek myth with powerful gods then once set foot in this land to see firsthand the ancient architectures associated with these stories 
the 12 olympians included zeus ,hera poseidon,demeter,athena ,hestia,apollo,artemis,ares,aphrodite,hephaestus and hermes .
goddess athena considered a symbol of the virgin and goddess of wisdom ,craff defense and just war athena are the owl and olive tree she is a daughter of zeus and the sea metis ,adult athena darted from zeus 's head fully armed after zeus swallowed her mother.cant wait to discovery athen city and a lot of more to waiting you.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Iguazu falls brazil

Refering to brazil its impossible not to mention the amazon rain forest and statue of christ redeemer cristo redentor with iguazu falls ,the exquisite coffee flavor the dreamy golden sand beach the beautiful water fall like a place of paradise and the carnival festival with reveillon welcome new year .
brazilians are known for being affectionate likable and optimistic they love kissing a stranger ,brazil is the only portuguese speaking country in the americas and the largest in the world 
brazilians have an endless interst and passion for music and dance ,they can play and perceive any kind of music .one of the traditional brazilian dances and known all over the world is the fiery samba ,samba was born in the 16th century and until now.piranhas fish dont eat humans they live in the major river basins of south america and the amazon tributaries in brazil are ideal for the ,cant forget every corner of rio has bars selling all kinds of juices.


Friday, June 18, 2021

Vatican italy

although located within the capital city of rome ,the vatican is a seperate country headed by the pope ,today when you have the oppotunity to visit the vatican ,you will admire a team of guards dressed in medieval costumes and wearing swords ,instead of modern bodyguards with police uniforms and armed with guns .the swiss guard is currently the smallest army in the world and is ussually on ceremonial duty all soldiers must be genuine swiss nationals trained in all combat skills like a real combat army,this is a tradition dating back to Pope julius II 1506 when he used a team of swiss mercenaries as his personal bodyguard.
saint peter's church is located on an old cemetery the stone tower in the center of st peters square was brought back by emperor cligula this tower made of monolithic red granite weighing more than 350 tons was erected under the pharaohs in egypt about 3000 years ago,in 1586 it was brought back to saint peters square for decorative purposes and also to form a giant sundial.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Cuba havana

Cuba ,officially known as the repuplic of cuba is an island nation with the largest area and population in the caribean ,today its known as one of the lands with the longest and most beautiful coastline in the world.but the charm of this country not only stop at the natural beauty but now it is also unique thanks to the long standing architecture and other unique cultural and artistic values ,even the rapid development of the country ,cuba presence in the pharmaceutical industry recently ,with so many factors cuba really a land rich in mysteries .the country with the most old cars still running in the world ,havana's streets are filled with vintage cars cute coco taxi are always avalable to serve travellers in cuba at very affordable prices.
caba and its capital havana are a nostalgia or special caribbean gateway ,a plate of colorful traditional cuban rice fragrant with turmeric and filled with beans such as black beans,peas .
VARADEO resort is one of the places with the clearest sea in the world.

Friday, May 7, 2021


taroko gorge offers visitors the oppotunity to exoerience hiking ,biking ,camping ,riverside exploration or simply an afternoon cruise through the gorge ,admiring stunning sights like the nine turns tunnel or eternal spring temple.located at the northernmost tip of the island of taiwan ,yehliu is a headland that extendeds about 1700 meters into the ocean and was formed by geological forces pushing datun mountain into the open sea its home to yehliu geopark of the most attractive natural wonders in the world ,the sea eroded landscape creates distinctively shaped rocks and geological sites given evocative names such as queen's head dragon head rock and honeycomb,ginger and fairy shoe .
jiufen located just north of the island of taiwan was a prosperous gold mining town until 1950s.
the beautiful streets and rich tea houses ,take a walk along old town enjoy local dishes learn about taiwan tea ceremony culture here most famous mountain scenery.
moon lake doesnt watch birds enjoy around lake visit temple ,you should definitely not miss the experience of taking a boat to LALU island and enjoy thefamous braised egg dish.

Saturday, April 24, 2021


visit facilities at dongdaemun design plaza is home to various exhibition spaces ,design museum ,sky lounge ,rest area ,souvenir shop and restaurant cant forget when visit seoul ,namsan tower this beautiful structure especially at night ,the tower is always bright and colorful with extremely advanced led technology.
bukchon hanok village has become a famous tourist destination loved by everyone because it wears a nostalgia imbued with time an extremely wonderful experience when coming here is to wear a traditional hanbok and take pictures in the ancient peaceful and picturesque space.
nami island is like a screcent moon with rich and colorful vegetation .coming to nami island ,you will be immersed in the poetic space of nature ,each season this island puts on a different beauty.
morning calm flower garden ,you will be surprised and amazed ,as if you are lost in a wonderland .

Saturday, April 10, 2021


Marble cathedral cave at lake general carrera in chile is make up to of a giant monolithic block of marbe ,estimated to weigh up to 5 billion tons ,inside the cave ,the curves dotted on the cliffs gently flexing according to the laws of nature along with the strage shapes of he mable blocks creating a vivid picture magnificent.
the atacama desert is a desert located in the north of chile and is recognized by the guinness book of world records as the driest place in the world ,also known as mars on earth,to the cactus a plant that has even the most intense life could not withstand the harshness of atacama,located between the pacific ocean and the andres mountains.
easter island one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world located at the southeastern tip of the polynesian triangle easter island is famous for owning 877 statues carved from volcanic rock,erected on the beach facing the ocean ,defiantly defying the flowof time ,called moai,created by the rapa nui people ,ancient civilization was rich and flourished in the years 700 to 1100.