Monday, November 26, 2018


Australia the great south land for more than 50.000 years before Europe an settlement aboriginal people lived on the continent,occupying country across the landscape including its driest in great affinity with the land on which they were dependent.they established rich .diverse and highly spiritual cultures with scarred places,dreaming tracks and are sites with permission.with much of this can be explored by travellers who are prepared to sit listen and lean from indigenous Australians.Australian live and work with Frazier,farmers,jackaroos and jillaroosand miners.there are plenty of outback towns where the warm greeting you will receive be as welcom as the cold drink served at the local pub.however most ofvaustralians live in coastal cities the expanding east coast cities of Sydney,Melbourne and brisbane there are the three largest in the country and are representative of people's from around the world.they have thriving and sport the other capital and major cities also have unique flavours and heritage and there are gold town also some indigenous places are 
& uluru-kata tutus
& Torres strait
&national park northern territory
& west Australia
&burrup peninsula.
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