Thursday, November 29, 2018

saint kitts and nevis island

saint kitts and nevis is an island nation located in the leeward island in the caribbean sea in the west indies ,americas ,its smallest sovereign state in the western hemisphere,both in terms of area and population saint kitts and nevis also member of the commeonwealth and full member of caribbean and east acribean organization.
the island nation's comfortable climate picturesque scenery ,clean beaches and amenities ,water sports are very popular here including sailing and all kind of surfing sunbathe at the most beautiful beaches .dive,sailing a long the caribbean coast ,climb to the top of volcanoes lyamiuga and nevis peak ,explore the rain forest .take the sugar city train ,taste the traditional dishes ,goat meat skewers into tomato sauce with sake ,papaya,cake rum or whiskey,
the capital basseterre museum ,market and independence square  traffic roundabouts built in the style of london piccadilly circus at the center of the roundabout is the berley memorial a lock tower with a driking fountain and four sundials,independence square is home of church courthouse and victorian style building.
the restaurans of st .traditional kitts and nevis caribbean favorites plenty of meat and seafood including much loved conch ,spicy dishes ,jamaican jerk chicken,feature some of the best fruits and vegetables in western hemisphere pumpkin,peas and soursop.the islands also have establishements serving moroccan ,italian,asian and spanish fare .the best way to get around st kitts and nevis is by taxi.brightly painted minibuses or rental car.

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