Wednesday, November 28, 2018

sealand fort roughs

notice this picture is not really sealand please look at the google.
sealand is located on an abandonated fortress named fort roughs ,on the east coast of england .this is one of four forts built by the british royal navy in the north sea to serve world war ii .fort roughs was located 7 nautical miles from the nearest coast ,not within the territorial sea measured from the british baselines at the time .
all were abandoned in the early 1950's ,some destroyed for being in international waters ,in 1966 paddy roy bates ,a former british army major sailed to fort roughs and declared the conquest of this abandoned fortress ,he named it sealand ,as agift for his wife ,joan after consulting with a lawyer ,a year later on sep2,1967 roy declared his independence ,raised the flag and made his wife princess joan ,from there the kingdom of sealand was born,with the slogan freedom from the sea.roy family of four stcked up on canned food,flour and grains and lived on it.sometimes not returning to the mainland for several will be orderd via trains.
although not recognized by the united nations or any other country ,sealand still has a passport.coat of arms ,currency,constitution and stamps ,in particular,sealand also has its own team ,although the players do not live here,this unofficial country also participates in many international sporting events from football to fencing in 2008 ,sealand won the chamionship in an international eggthrowing competition,the kingdom's flag is also planted on mount everest ,even a famous energy drink brand holds a skate event very few people live in sealand because michael's kids to school,ussually only 2 peopel look after the kingdom and take turns every few weeks.

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