Sunday, December 9, 2018

lkva Ukraine

ukraine in the vernacular means boeder land and true to the name ,from the early days of its establishment,this country has always been entangled in the disqute of great powers.
but despite the political turmoil ukraine is still likened to a jewel of eastern europe.containing a lot of interesting things that many travel followers seek.
saint sophia church is a favorite destination of many tourists in the capital kiev .features 13 elaborately carved golden domes ,the murals ancient mosaics and frescoes are centuries after saint hagia sophia.
visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the ukraine ingredient being red beetroot ,ukrainians eat borscht soup both hot and cold ,vareniki famous ukrainian dumpling .
sunflower oil is one of ukraine's largest exports .
located in kamianets podilskyi a short walk from the old town ,kamenets podolsky castle is a fortress built before the 14th century .
the odessa opera and ballet theater is located in a historic building in the center of town and is the oldest theater in odessa.
located just outside the village of dubno and about two hours from Lviv ,tarakaniv is a famous fortress near the lkva river in western ukraine ,it was originally built to protect the lviv kiev railway line and visiting the ruins offers a one of a kind experience .
located just outside the town of klevan,tunnel of love this is a 3.2 km private railway that gives the illusion of a never ending tunnel .a canopy of vines is planted a long this route.

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