Thursday, December 6, 2018

Lapland north finland

Welcome to Lapland from September to march each year. There's something lonely and intangible here that makes it magical. The midnight sun the aurora borealis and the sa`mi peoples. Which northern lights as is SANTA CLAUS home town he have many present to waiting to you visiting him. :). Along with the awesome latitudes at nourgam. The northernmost point. You have passed Iceland and nearly all of Canada and Alaska. 30% of finland 's land area. Lapland is home to just 3% of it population. Its waste wilderness, skis or sled.
sPECIAL in finland. Nature's most spectacular light show the northern lights are visible on roughly 200nights a year or every other clear night in Finnish lapland. The more traditional ways to go aurora spotting are snowshoeing across country here some best hotel for you
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