Sunday, March 31, 2019

Niagara falls ontario

niagara falls is one of the world famous waterfalls ,ocated in the great lakes the five largest feshwater lakes in the world connected together .infact niagara falls is not one water fall but many falls ,this has 3 waterfalls horseshoe falls also know as canadian falls because it is located on canadian territory ,the second ones is american falls and another falls is bridal veil its small located next to american falls .niagara falls is the largest waterfalls in the world with about 168,000 cubic meters of water falling every minute.
the canadian side believes that niagara originates from the languages of the neutral indians meaning the roar of the water while the usa side believes that in the lroquois indian language means strait .
niagara falls as well as the great lake region were created by melting ice during the late ice age more than 12,000 years ago ,scientists believe that at that time the whole area was covered by a layer of ice about 2-3 km thick even today only about 1% of the water in this area is renewable,the rest is still original water from the ice age,some scientists even that  this is fossil water water research here is the study of water of the late ice age .
the interesting thing about niagara falls is that beautiful in all four seasona ,each season has a different th spring the leaves and trees sprout and the snow and ice in the north melt is also the water the summer rainbow s appear all day long ,autumn leaves change color along the banks,creating a perfect color picture ,in winter the steam from the waterfall rises up and clings to the branches ,cliffs and structures ,then freezes looking like the city of ice and snow in fairy tales.