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Niagara falls ontario

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Niagara Falls, Ontario, is a Canadian city at the famous waterfalls of the same name, linked with the U.S. by the Rainbow Bridge. Its site on the Niagara River's western shore overlooks the Horseshoe Falls, the cascades' most expansive section. Elevators take visitors to a lower, wetter vantage point behind the falls. A cliffside park features a promenade alongside 520-ft.-high Skylon Tower with an observation deck.

How do I get to Niagara Falls?

By Air: Fly to either Buffalo New York or Toronto Canada. Buffalo/Niagara International Airport is 25 miles/41 kilometers to Niagara Falls. Toronto Canada’s Lester Pearson International airport is 78 miles/125 kilometers to the Falls. The airport you choose to arrive at usually depends on where you are coming from. Toronto serves many international flights while Buffalo serves only U.S. domestic travel. Hotels do not provide shuttle service to the Falls from either airport. A list of airlines serving both airports can be found. Both airports offer shuttle services to and from Niagara Falls and stop at most major hotels. From Toronto use Niagara airbus. From Buffalo use the Buffalo Airport shuttle servic. Rental cars are available at both airports.
By Train: Train service is available to & from Niagara Falls Canada on  via rail a nd Go Transit. The train station is 2.6 kilometers/1.6 miles North of the Rainbow Bridge and one block north of River Road at 4221 Bridge Street. Taxi service is available from the stations. In Niagara Falls NY the new train station is open on Whirlpool Street. The station itself is 2.6 kilometers/1.6 miles from the Rainbow Bridge. If you are arriving late in the evening you should arrange for a taxi to pick you up upon arrival. Visit Amtrak  for more details.

By Car:To get close to the Falls and parks use your favorite mapping software or GPS. For the US side try 1 Prospect Point in Niagara Falls NY or 1 Falls Ave for Niagara Falls Ontario Canada.

By Bus:The bus terminal in Niagara Falls Canada (Niagara Falls Transit) is at 4555 Erie Avenue. from the bus terminal to the Horseshoe Falls. There is a paid seasonal shuttle to the Falls which runs from mid May to Mid October. During the winter months you have to either walk or take a taxi to your destination. You can find more information by  Other bus companieswhich provide service to the Falls. In Niagara Falls NY the bus terminal metro bus is located at 343 4th Street.The terminal is 1KM(.6miles) from the entrance to the Goat Island Bridge & Prospect Point Park. We advise taking a taxi to your destination. trial way Inc. provides service to Buffalo NY. From Buffalo to Niagara Falls you will need to take the city bus from other areas.

When you arrive: If staying in Niagara Falls Canada to get around and see the sights consider the Niagara Parks we go transportation. They run various routes around the city and to all the attractions. For one price you get all day transportation to the major attractions. In New York, the Parks department offers it’s Niagara scenic to most attractions and major hotels. If your hotel is close to the Falls, you can walk to most local attractions.