Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Cambridge england castle

in the city of cambridge visitors will be attracted by the ancient buildings with lovely arches ,interspersed with small but clean  alleys 
the most special feature of the city of cambridge is that is surrounded by the rver cam,so you can go on boats and explore the ancient institutes and universities along the romantic banks of the river cam
the capital of london is as lavish and manificient as a citadel a castle in the pages of a fairy tale.
london has been the capital of great britian since the 5th century after the romans withdrew from england ,\the milennium wheel the highest roundabout in europe and also the pride of the british people also known as the london eye from here you can visit the london tower bridge across the river thames less than 3 miles from the london eye 
symbol of the city big ben clock now renamed elizabeth clock take just a few minutes by metro ,visit buckingham palace with its queen victoria memorial 
london tower bridge over the river thames splendid in the afternoon.
york is one of the most ancient cities in england one of famous cities in the history of formation and development of england typically with the war of roses the power battle between the lancasters and the yorks.
york seems to be a city that came out of a magical old story with mysterious castles and cidatel ,the city has a huge collection of rich historical and artistic heritage 
york city walls a solid wall build by the romans 
manchester is the busiest and most vibrant city in the uk with a system of luxurious retaurants and bars .manchester is also the second largest city in the uk just behide london with a strong economy with rows of high rise buildings and commercial centers amusement parks and a system of museums 
old trafford stadium home of football club manchester united FC 
liverpool is a city and a municipality located on the est bank of the mouth of the river mercey,in north west england ,this is an old port city and a busy cultural and tourist center ,
the publictransport system here is quite developed ,you can choose from buses high speed trains or rent bicycles ,motorbikes or cars .
cunard building was build in 1917 in a unique architectureal style .
located in  the north of england despite its modest size and population,scotland is an ideal destination edinburgh castle is a great example of scottish architecture on the english travek itinerary .
the lake monster the famous  loch ness visiting loch ness is an interesting experience when coming to scotsland .the lake streches for 23 miles and is surrounded by picturesque villages ,majestic mountains and the ruins of urquhart castle .