Friday, July 26, 2019

china best place to go

great wall with a length of 6000 km from east to west across the desert and mountain meadow ,this place is a historical work associated with the struggle against the northern peoples of the chinese.
the forbidden city the lavish and magnificient palace of the king dynasties from the middle of the ming dynasty to the end of qing dynasty in china
zhangjiajie is one of the most famous tourist destinations in china ,with wild,majestic landscapes deep gorges ,soaring stone columns,unique or winding and dangerous roads
guilin was once described as a paradise in ancient chinese literature because of its poectic and charming natural scenery and mountains tens of thousands of peaks and limestone cliffs create a beautiful unspoiled landscape elephant trunk mountain .cuu ma tu son long tich rice terraces ,flute truc cave,that tinh park are the top destinations.
guiyan is also known as the city of rocky mountains .van phong lam mountain is one of the typical attractions here.or you can take a boat to see the scenery of van phong lake which is considered on of the five most beautiful lake in china ,there is also hoang qua thu waterfall where you can visit the stalactite cave behind the waterfall and malinghe valley surronded by fanciful fog.