Saturday, January 11, 2020

hawaii hitachi tree

the hitachi tree belongs to the species of tamarind monkey pod 130 years old ,25 m high and stands out with a canopy of leaves like a giant umbrella 40m in diameter.the tree grows in the green lawn in the middle of moanalua gardens,about 8 km northwest of honolulu city center ,hawaiian islands according to hitachi corporation,the hitachi tree is a symbol of its comprehensive efforts and large businnes scope symbolizing the spirit of the group
waikiki with its beautiful stretch of beach is hawaii's biggest tourist attraction a surburb of honolulu,waikiki is known for its large resorts ,dinning ,entertainment,and shopping ,the historic waikiki includes historic markers amde of surfboards inspired by duke kahanamoku waikiki's own ,diamond head state monument is located at the end of the crescent shaped beach ,creating a distinctive profile on the shoreline
two active volcanales are kilauea ,one of the world's most active volcanoes and mauna loa the world's largest shield volcano
the hula dance is a traditional hawaiian dance ,used to represent rainbows,thunder,and lightning,in the past this was considered a prayer sent to the gods ,to honor the gods today this dance is often performd to serve american tourisr.
every spring hawaiian celebrate the merrie mornarch festival on hilo island ,the reason the festival is set to be merrie mornarch because david kalakaua the last king of hawaii after his death was affectionately called by the people king kalakaua is worshiped and loved by the people because he was instrumental in rebuilding the hula dance after 1800s.