Sunday, March 15, 2020

denmark copenhagen

denmark is the smallest country in scandinavia,known for its traditions hugge lifestyle and sophisticated design.the country regularly tops the happiest countries lists and was named the best country to raise children in 2020 .lego and the father of fairy tales.hans c andersen,are from denmark circuit.denmark is also known for its love of food,cycling and quirky manners
denmark is famous for inventing the term hygge pronounced hoo ga to describle a cozy situarion or atmosphere. huggeligt watching your loved one put logs in the fireplace when its cold ,huggelight a hug from friend now you can understand what hugge means.
denmark is known as a cyclist's paradise,if you prefer two to four  wheels you will be delighted to visit 

danmark .in copenhagen there are more bicycles than cars.
the famous baltic sea road ,known as the beloved classic road ,it stretches for 820 km and passes through the south of denmark explore fyn ,sydjylland
denmark is famous a sthe home of lego,arquably the most iconic toy of the last century,legos story begins with a carpenter from billund,denmark,named ole kirk christiansen.
at the time ole produced wooden toys for children and the name lego came from a combination of the danish word play well /lek godt over the years ,this toy was tweaked until it became the quintessential plasric bricks we know and love today.
in denmark may 4 is a milestone to remember this is the day denmark was liberated from 5 years of occupation by nazi germany during world war II at 4 may 1945 a secret radio station spread great joy they announced that the gremans in the netherlands and denmark had surrendered across denmark,people demoilished curtains and placed a candle on windows to mark the end of darkness 
the lupak butter made everyone in scandinavia shyly amused.denmark is known for producing salted butter called lurpark and this is a staple in some househlds
to explore denmark but before crossing the street at a red light be careful denmark is known for being particularly strict about road laws many tourists and danes have been fined for walking carelessly.
denmark is best known as the birthplace of brothers lars and jens eilstrup rasmussen who started developing google maps in 2000 after many failed attempts ,they made it to sydney ,australia when the first version of google maps was made avalable to everyone.
jen and lars are responsible for being the inventors of software responsible for being the inventors of software used to map not only the earth,but also the moon ,the sky,and the planet mars.