Thursday, June 11, 2020


the bustling of marid,this is very vibrant place for there are magnificent palaces moern 

neighborhoods,extraordinary architectural lines .glamor mixed with ancient,quiet mixed with bustle ,mixed with music and romantic flamenco
cordoba ,located in the south of the country,is a city of many cultures ,with a rich history of trade spanning hundreds of years.the architectural style of this city is boldly ancient,the house are all under a layer of yellow,brown paint ,creating a charming beauty.
the most prominent place in cordoba is the mezquiti mosque,with has a dome typical of the spanish islamic renaissance,dentlal the church is considered a wonder of the world for its unique blend of antiquity and religious culture .
the city of valencia ,facing the gulf of valencia ,is sometimes thought to represent the whole of spain.the architecture of the houses here is a combination of futuristic modernity,and artistic flair.come here ,to go the theaters ,science museums ,aquariums are extremely modern.the more you will recognize velencia as a city of science and august there will be a very unique tomato throwing festival,and one of the largest food festivals in the world.
seville is located in southern spain bringing together all the most unique and precious features of andalusian cultural .the works here are all the most unique and precious features and andalusian culture.the works here are all in roman style with a little bit of beauty of islamic architecture,and even gothic art.
madrid is very famous for its flamenco dance,but seville is where is really originated besides this is also home to the famous bullfights and attracts the most spectators in this country.the tomb of the great explorer who discovered america  chistopher columbus is locared here .giralda bell tower an extremely complex architectural work of medieval architecture is also here.therefore,its not overstated when someone considers that seville is the most vibrant and attractive city in spain.

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