Friday, July 17, 2020

new zealand

registered as a world heritage site ,fiordland national park protects some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country glaciers make up this dramatic landscape,carving the famous fjords of milford,sound visitora here can explore fast flowing waterfalls ,offshore islands primeval rainforests ,vast lakes and craggy peaks.
its no wonder the park is a hikers paradise with some of the country's best hiking,including the famous for the increadible views you will pass along the way its so spectacular,it was once coined the best walking trail in the world by the poet blanche baughan some 100 years ago.sea kayaking is a popular way to explore the fjords,and visitors can also enjoy a scenic flight through the park for a panoramic view of the increadible beauty.
the famous waitomo caves are one of the best places to see these glowing animals in the world.arachnocampa luminosa can be found in many parts of the country,but the waitomo caves are home to most impressive and accessible collection.
the tekapo region and the sky south of tekapo town is a unesco international dark sky reserve,lake tekapo is picturesque by day and vibrant at night making it one of the best in the to stargaze and see the northern lights in new zealand.
the town faces north across the turquoise lake to the sound of the alps .lake tekapo gets its dense milky turquoise color from fine rock powder ground by glaciers suspended in the water.
rotorua is a hotspot quite literally of geothermal attractions .poerful geysers colorful volcanic lakes,and building mud pools can be found from the parks around the central north island town.

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