Tuesday, August 11, 2020

austria cave

salzburg is one of the largest and well preserved medieval castles in europe strategically located at the top of the festungsberg mountain ,salzburg castle equipped with mighty fortress towers above the city of salzburg,is an impressive highlight amidst the vast green space,the castle also houses the bull salzburg a type of organ with more than two hundred pipes .a truly stunning work of medieval architecture and representative of the heart of salzburg,hohensalzburg castle is one of the top tourist destinations in austria 
surrounded by snow capped mountains innsbuck stands out in the alpine mountains .the area offers visitors two perspectives ,both of a pristine landscape and a complex urban center.alstadt is innsbruck's medieval town that will captivate you with its unique architecture and many interesting shops.while strolling the streets of alstadt you can visit one of its famous landmarks ,the golden roof ,this house built for the roman emperormaximilian is decorated with thousands of pieces of brick plated with pure gold.
hallstatt a small village in the salzkammergut region,is famous for its salt production 
the accumulated wealth from the salt industry has transformed it into a charming baroque village .
hornerwerk underground salt cave and admire a prehistoric man preserved intact in salt .truly one of the most unique places in austria .
the krimmler ache waterfall descends from a 380 meter high ,majestic three tiered waterfall ,creating a great view for a tour from the nearby village of an altitde of 1,076 m above sea level,krimml located high in the salzachtal valley.
the eisriesenwelt cave system is famous for its splendid towers,glacier and underground waterfalls ,eisriesenwelt was discovered by anton posselt in the late 1870s and ever since.

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