Friday, May 7, 2021


taroko gorge offers visitors the oppotunity to exoerience hiking ,biking ,camping ,riverside exploration or simply an afternoon cruise through the gorge ,admiring stunning sights like the nine turns tunnel or eternal spring temple.located at the northernmost tip of the island of taiwan ,yehliu is a headland that extendeds about 1700 meters into the ocean and was formed by geological forces pushing datun mountain into the open sea its home to yehliu geopark of the most attractive natural wonders in the world ,the sea eroded landscape creates distinctively shaped rocks and geological sites given evocative names such as queen's head dragon head rock and honeycomb,ginger and fairy shoe .
jiufen located just north of the island of taiwan was a prosperous gold mining town until 1950s.
the beautiful streets and rich tea houses ,take a walk along old town enjoy local dishes learn about taiwan tea ceremony culture here most famous mountain scenery.
moon lake doesnt watch birds enjoy around lake visit temple ,you should definitely not miss the experience of taking a boat to LALU island and enjoy thefamous braised egg dish.

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