Thursday, March 10, 2022

fort bragg california usa

FORT BRAGG is beautiful california highway 1 glass beach is the result of decades1906 to 1967 peoples dumped all kinds of garbage into the ocean throwing it over the cliffs .eventually this trash begins to wash ashore in the form of fine pieces of glass if you lucky you can find a sapphire gem from an apothecary bottle or red ruby from a cars taillights .

pudding creek tresle in fort bragg is a little over 500 feet long was built in the early 1900s when the route was used for transporting lumber very cool to walk over the historic old bridge.

noyo harbor you can find the seafood along and excellent views plus the apportunity to snap photos of sea birds and perhaps a sea lion 

stunk railroad in fort bragg the pudding cress express is a 90 minute round trip train you can bring picnic or enjoy beutiful bird wildlifeits a fabulous way to enjoy the redwoods also 
bryce canyon national park its spectacular rock formations to admire the dramatic landscape you can stand at sunset point one of famous spots that offers panoramic views of red yellow and orange stone pillars.

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