Sunday, July 24, 2022

Peru lima

Republic of peru is a country in western south america ,its bordered in the north by ecuador and colombia ,in the east by brazil and the south by bolivia and chile .in the south and west by the pacific ocean .

lima is home to the least rainfall of all the cities in the world .Rainfall here is only about 10 to 15 mm per year its has the title of the city without rain .

all year around in lima there is no lightning ,no ice ,snow or violent storms,this  has been going on for the past many hundreds years .

visitors do not see sewers appeearing on the street,the house doesnt even have a roof 
this place has not happened to rain due to its geographical position .the city is mainly located on the eastern slopes of the andes the highest mountain in south america 

here the air flow sinks the wind direction parallel to the sea level,coastal air in contact with the cold water is blocked by cold air in contact with cold water is blocked by cold air so it cannot condence into cumulus clouds therefore,it cannot cause rain.water vapor can only from fog .the rain also very unique its not fall in drops .in torrents but just a large amount of fog that covered the city.setting on the wet ground.

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