Friday, October 28, 2022

Hong Kong

Hong kong is region of the people's repblic of china on the eastern pearl river delta in southern china .Hong kong is also a major global financial centre and one of the most developed cities in the world 

behind the brilliant neon lights of hong kong is the obsession of living in the coffin house of the several square meters of workers.they hope will have better place to stay than what they have now but not easy .

dont worries hong kong still have a lot of things to do like CENTRAL STAR victoria habour  , here is very green and tropical with abundant wildlife,wonderful beaches nearby and ideal walking paths.

Lantou is the largest island among them ,this is also where the airport was built.lantou many hidden natural and beauties fishing village of tai o in the west where houses are built on wooden poles right in the middle of the island 

on the water and delicious street snacks created by locals such as grilled oysters and husband cake a savory scone filled with red bean,peanuts and sesame seeds 

popular attractions like THIEN DAN buddha and BAO LIEN zen monastry might give you a different experience.

the NGANG binh 360 cable car to the top of the hill,you can choose to hike the lan dau trail that starts at mai oa ferry terminal and offers great views of the sea and mountains along the way.

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