Saturday, February 25, 2023

Hunza valley pakistan

Hunza valley in northern pakistan have been living in the shadows of the mighty karakoram mountains .there are two main ethnic groups and languages that make up hunza valley that KARIMABAD and WAHKI only 30kilometers separate these two areas also they speak different languages.there is definitely some cultural overlap between the two groups in term of lifestyle and religion but they speak together in URDU the national language of pakistan ,some other langues chinese ,french 

hunza region have some of thehigest life expectancy rates in probably has a lot to do with it.the most of food in hunza was locally produce with organically grown without the use of toxic chemicals.

the long life of hunza residents is more impressive throw in the fresh mountian air and water they do excersice and yoya or walk in the mountain work hard keep things simple that why they have a long life in the world around 80 years most of residents find down more why not take a trip there to advanture your life.joyful.

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