Friday, July 28, 2023

cook island story


the 15 islands that make up the cook islands popularlyknown as the cooks here each is its own edition of this tropical paradise,the polynesians wre the first tropical paradise the polynesians wre the first discovered this island in 1770.this archipelago ,first discovered this island in 1770.this archipelago ,first occupied by the british then new zealanders ,then the cook islands residents used votes to become indeendnt since 1965.

covering an entire coastal region the size of western europe ,the archipelago is a combination of tradition and a meeting place for modern times ,rarotonga .the largest island here is a mixture of rocky outcrops plus unspoiled forest and long wide stretch of white sand that makes it the perfect base for first timers aitutaki the second most visited island right here is one of the largest coral reefs in the world ,the perfect place for snorkeling and diving water ,the rock caves of atiu the coffee and beer growing gardens will take you on a pivotal journey of polynesian culture.

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