Saturday, July 8, 2023

crystal cave bermuda

the southern beaches have the darkest pink sand in bermuda.the most impressive pink sand beach bermuda has is horseshoe bay beach but its not only pink sand in bermuda on the burmuda 's south coast is the stunning and pretty amazing bay with curved shape the bay draws you to its idyllic with clear blue water .

warwick long bay is bermuda's longestbeach at half a mile with trees ,long grass and sand dunes along the coast ,this is one of bermuda 's most beautiful beaches 

flatts village is the cutest sleepy little village between halmiton and st george .flatts village has a picturesque setting of palm trees pastel houses and fishing boats that make it perfect postcard of bermuda tourism

the crystal caves in bermuda formed 6 million years ago and it is one of the most famous attractions of bermuda open since 1909 .on the illuminated guided tour you will descend 130 feet into the limestone cave .with has an underground lake and curtains of beautiful stalagmites and stalactitles begging be immortalized there are two caves ,the crystal cave and the illusion in bermuda.

warwick long 

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