Saturday, July 1, 2023

tuvalu country


tuvalu is one of the smallest and most isolated countries in the world .also known as the ellice is an island nation in the south pacific ocean ,located between hawaii and australia ,with a total land area of 26 square kilometers ,the island nation's population is only about 11,000 people,most of whom live in the main island or the capital funafuti.there is only one airport on the island with 2 flights per week,from here visitors will visit 2 flights per week,from here visitors will visit other islands by ferry.

to protect the islands from tides ,floods and land degradation,tuvalu has expanded a protect to plant mangroves on the outer islands .forests also provide raw materials for handicrafts and fishing .

in the capital funafuti ,there is a main road extending from north to south ,and its takes about 15 minutes to go all the way .on narrow can see the sea on both sides .peopels main means of transport is motorbikes and in the afternoons ,the road gradually becomes crowded and cramped.

most people in tuvalu are farmers .they often gather in vilages of a few hundred people tending the gardens and fishing by hand .

the united natuions development program classifies tuvalu as a resource poor country particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change .life on the island is very harsh because there are no rivers or streams.rainwater and boreholes are sources of fresh water.the soil is porous and mangroves,so agriculture does not develop,instead,people grow coconuts bananas and taro.

tuvalu's main source of incoe comes from foreign aid,in addtion to stamp production,tolls for foreign fishing vessels.

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