Sunday, August 27, 2023

comoros islands

 the comoros islands are archipelagos located on the african continent volcanic islands they land on geographically northwest of mozambique and north of madagascar,and southeast of the black continent ,residents living here speak languages such as arabic and french .we can eat native fruits banana and coconut

comoros islands it is called the island of essence because it is here that produces worldwide perfumes .there is a large production of exotic flowers and plants that have a distinctive and wonderful smell.its most prominent essences are ylang ylang ,cananga odorata or flor de flores ,many locals tend to paint thier faces with natural products made from sandalwood and coral.

chindini is located at the southernmost tip of grande comore island it is a favorite weekend destination for islanders because of its warm climate and calm seas year round ,there are several schools of dolphins,whales follow the migratory fish that frequent the shores of chindini.

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