Friday, August 11, 2023

haiti place to go

 haiti is an island nation known as the parasise of the caribbean,you can try to experience the form of tap tap car a kind of small bus .these buses will take you to explore most of the routes and nooks and crannies here .you can also travel by taxi ,but you need to pay the price before going and absolutely do not get in the car if you do not agree with the price,in addition you can also travel by ferry or rent a car to explore.

labadie or amiga are unspoiled islands possessing beautiful natural scenery,with cool blue beaches and extremely rich marine species.

musee de guahaba ,fort citadelle laferrieregulf of acul,located in western haiti ,known as a resort ,

barbancourt rum distillery rum is a famous drink .la visite voodoo religion here voodoo worship worshiping god .

plaine du cul de sac is a beautiful land located between the border of haiti and dominica,here you will see many unique animals such as flamingos herons .

pikliz a unique dish combining pork and plantain bananas or attractive barbancourt rum made from sugar cane and molasses.

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