Friday, August 4, 2023


 money in somaliland is not so valuable that people have to sell it to tourists to accumulate more foreign currency.located in the north of africa somaliland is a country that has no name on the world map.despite declaring independence in 1991,it is still considered an autonomous region of somalia.for just a 9 dollar bill ,visitors will receive 49 kg of banknotes in return.somalia is home to the largest coastline in africa,good hotels and cheap food and beautiful almadow mountain somalia is one of the most dangerous places on earth.civil wars and wars between warlords seeking to control the drug and arms trade have made somalia worse than ever.anyway still have nice beach and place to see like laas geel geomorphology shanghai old city,bakara market ,saryan museum .,liido beach ,union mosque ,jazeera beach ,mogadishu cathedral,livestock market,central market,the tomb of the unknown soldier mogadishu ,mig jet,govornors house mogadishu ..

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